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Dear Redding Voter,

I have been a Redding resident since 2011. While I am originally from NY and also lived in NJ, the outstanding reputation of Joel Barlow High School within CT and nationally is one of the reasons my husband and I moved here with our three girls.

We wanted the best public education available. The quality of education we have experienced at Barlow has been outstanding. I have two daughters at Joel Barlow and the third is two grades behind at John Read Middle School.

From listening to neighbors and friends in Redding, I believe many of you moved here for our schools. Together, we can continue the tradition of excellent public schools in Redding.

I am asking you to support me this coming November for a seat on Barlow’s Region 9 Board of Education.

Thank you.

About Cheryl Graziano

Cheryl Graziano

Why I am running

  • To support Barlow in offering high quality academic and non-academic programs that will develop well-rounded, and well-educated young adults who are ready to adapt to changes in the global workplace.
  • To work alongside community leaders and apply financial expertise to think outside the box and develop effective education budgets that enhance programs, support long-term goals and strong property values—while maintaining transparency, inclusiveness, and constructive debate.
  • To support a community that, as I do, welcomes all points of view, with collaboration and dialogue from all residents regardless of party affiliation.
  • To apply advocacy experience and explore how to influence CT educational policies and funding.

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Cheryl Graziano Region 9 Board

If elected, I will work with all of you representing the majority interests as I serve on the Region 9 Board. Together, we can make a difference!

Vote November 7th for Cheryl Graziano for Region 9 Board of Education